Lodzs Urban Initiative Associacion Topografie

The Topografie Society was founded in 2007 to help citizens of Lodz become more aware and connected with the city they live in – a goal that is important to this day. Our activities focus on spreading ideas of civic engagement, empowering cultural growth, and keeping the memory of important stories and events from city past alive. The Society has held many urban games and events commemorating the history of Lodz. Members of Topografie are responsible for creating education programs for the region and running the Miejski Punkt Kultury Prexer-UL (gallery and meeting place for social activists); they also maintain the Miastograf.pl – Cyfrowe Archiwum Łodzian website.

Miastograf pionowy

Miastograf.pl serves both as digital archive and social network. It’s a collection of memoirs, press articles, and souvenirs from Lodz citizens; private archives. Here you will find photos that will help you see how the city has transformed over the years. You can also find interesting newspaper articles connected to respective locations on the map, and browse the sound archives for statements and stories recorded or gathered by Topografie.

Dg pionowy

Urban games is another pet subject of ours, with many successful projects under our belt. Our team consists of professionals coming from diverse fields and disciplines (geography, pedagogy, history, cultural studies) who also happen to be scout instructors, comedians, musicians, or volunteer workers. Every one of us have this unique passion that makes us want to design and organize more and more urban games.

partycypacja pionowa

Since 2010, our areas of activity include education for civic society and democracy, both in Lodz area and beyond. We design and carry out information campaigns, training sessions, promotional events, and the social advisory program for participatory budgeting initiative Budżet Obywatelski, as commissioned by the Lodz Town Council (Urząd Miasta ‎‎‎Łodzi).

Apart from the aforementioned activities, we take part in many other participation and urban redevelopment related projects. When it comes to important social issues, we believe that our role is to discuss, advise and inform, making sure that our voice is heard.


The old Prexer projector factory is a somewhat forgotten piece of Lodz film industry heritage. University of Lodz decided to transform this place into a cultural institution, giving this building a new life. Designing culture is what defines both the space and the agenda of our organization. On one hand, we aim to broaden Lodz cultural landscape. On the other hand, we support individuals, groups, and organizations in their culture-related activities. That is why we run co-working office space and a gallery; we organize events, meetings, film shows, and many more.

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