level up

In 2016, we settled down at the first floor of the tanament on 56 Piotrkowska Street. We called the new place “Poziom Wyżej”, which states for “Level up”. It`s not only our office but also a huge space that we would like to share with active Łódź residents. It is used for a coworking room with 15 workstations (and social facilities), a workshop, conference room, and multi-function rooms.


photos of the space


a desk on ``Level up``

Do you work as a freelancer? If you want to separate work space from your home our coworking area with astonishing view on Piotrkowska street is for you. You will get a desk available 24 hours a day at an attractive price. We also provide: Internet, coffee maker and creative working atmosphere.

Office (+ kitchen, bathroom, recreation room, wifi)
Own desk – 380 PLN / month
Hot desk – 30 PLN / day
Conference room up to 30 persons. (+ Wifi, projector)
All day (8 h) – 200 PLN
Additional hour – 45 PLN
Weekend – one day (8h, sat or sun) – 250 PLN
Weekend – 2 days (2 x 8h, sat and sun) – 450 PLN
Weekend – additional hour – 50 PLN
For coworkers – according to the regulations
Other time frames – negotiable
Meeting room 30 persons
Event pn – pt – to be agreed
Event weekend – to be agreed
Check for availability
mob: +48 509 806 646


the story of the place

Before the tenement was built in the present shape at 56 Piotrkowska St. there was a one-storey building belonging to Julius Wergau. In the 70s of the nineteenth century the estate went into the hands of Juliusz Mitzner and than in the late nineteenth century – Frederick Wilhelm Schweikert. Today’s tenement house was built in 1912 by Robert – Fryderk’s. The architect of the project was David Lande.
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the past

Long time ago in Prexer

Before we settled in “Poizom Wyżej” we used to work in Prexer-UŁ.